How we operate


We deli­ver dried firewood direct­ly to our cus­to­mers. The firewood is deli­ve­red in a trai­ler that can fit up to 5,6 thrown cubic met­res (i-m3).

The deli­ve­ry costs 50€ / deli­ve­ry flat. The area we deli­ver to is the eas­tern side of Kuo­pio in the ran­ge of 50km from Vehmersalmi.

The firewood is sold only as a deli­ve­ry, no col­lec­tion from the farm!

The firewood is dried using solar energy. 


Firewood for the sauna - ca. 33cm:



Firewood for the fireplace - ca. 50cm:



How to order

1. Select the product.

2. Order by cal­ling or tex­ting +358 44 377 7085 or through the con­tact form.

3. We con­firm your order and deli­ver it to you.

Questions about our firewood?

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