Honey far­ming

We star­ted honey far­ming in 2014. Honey far­ming is valuable work to pre­ser­ve the diver­si­ty of natu­re and bees. The hives are loca­ted on the edges of our orga­nic fields so the bees gat­her the honey pri­ma­ri­ly from clo­ver and various natu­ral flowers like wil­low­herb, wild rasp­ber­ry and dandelion.



Soft organic honey 350g

All kinds of honey crys­tal­lize natu­ral­ly over time unless they are mol­ded into their desi­red form. Vir­ta­la farm’s soft orga­nic honey is mol­ded to be mic­roc­rys­tal­lized in order to keep it soft.

The honey is arti­san honey and it’s comple­te­ly hand­ma­de. The­re­fo­re the­re might be litt­le varia­tions in the final pro­duct. The tex­tu­re of the honey is affec­ted by nume­rous fac­tors such as the flowers, the mois­tu­re, the proces­sing and the sto­ra­ge tem­pe­ra­tu­re. Honey can har­den if it’s sto­red in cool place. It beco­mes soft again at room temperature.

The bees gat­her the honey from many dif­fe­rent flowers like wil­low­herb, wild rasp­ber­ry, dan­de­lion and clo­ver. FI-EKO-108

Pack of Virtala farm's soft organic honey.

Kuopio hunaja 250g

Kuo­pio honey is award-win­ning (Euro­pean Region of Gastro­no­my) honey gat­he­red by bees from the natu­re in the Kuo­pio area.

The sty­lish glass jar is an excel­lent sou­ve­nir or a gift pro­duct from Kuopio.

Our honey is avai­lable at least from the fol­lowing retail sto­res:


- Lähi­ruo­ka Tul­lin­tu­pa, The Kuo­pio Mar­ket Hall

- Pui­jo Tower, Kuopio

- Pui­jo Cot­ta­ge, Kuopio

- Koi­vu­mäen Kar­ta­no, Kuopio

- Käs­työ­kah­vi­la Hili­ma, Vehmersalmi

Our honey is also avai­lable in lar­ger batc­hes. Per­fect for res­tau­rants, for example. Ask for an offer!

Glass jars of award-winning Kuopio honey.

Questions about our honey?

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